Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Places to Eat and Chill

I'm late by a month..but who cares? Well, celebrated Jack's birthday in first week of June. That's how back dated this entry is. As usual, celebration with classmates. Decided to eat seafood, so bday boy suggested going to the kopidiam opposite Soka to eat. Everyone was shocked that I suggested going to kopidiam. -_-" Hello...Jack suggest one. Not me.

We ordered 6 dishes: Kai lan, deer meat, prawn paste chicken, fried mian xian, cereal prawns and of course, crabs. We decided to try their salted egg crabs. It wasn't all that bad, and the crabs were all very big. I's just not fragrant enough. The veggies was nice though. =)

We were very full and we finished around 8+ 9pm. Was deciding where to go next. I can tell you, we sat at the kopidiam until 10+ (Jack even had time to go home to put the souveniers I bought in Hokkaido AND come back) deciding where to go. I wasn't driving that night, so we all decided to go Tampines Mall for a drink. Chiang Hui told us that there's a new "pub" in CS, so we went down for drinks.

We reached there at Blue Urban Oasis. Let me tell's like Clark Quay in Tampines. The settings are different from the other cafes and shops in Century Square. And the service there? Top notch. At 10+pm, the place was 90% full. Luckily they had one table over at the smoking corner for us. The waiters are humorous and some are actually quite cute looking. They helped us keep the cake in their fridge and served us our beer. They were very patient at our table because we just kept on asking questions after questions regarding their drinks. In the end, we ordered a tower.

The waiter serving us (forgot his name) was very nice. I wanted to play with the tower, so I told him to leave it to us. We will serve ourselves. He told me that he's paid to do that, and his manager won't be happy if we serve ourselves. (SEE!! Great service) In the end, he let me fill up one mug of beer. LoL. He's nice. While waiting for 12am to be here, we started chatting and nua-ing (nice place to nua) and started taking boh liao pictures...

Dreamy look..I wonder what she thinking of. This is my "lesbian partner", Suefong!! *Hugz*

Liang (Weiliang) zai trying to act like Sue, but failed. Muahahahahaha

Why? What? How? Alvin the yandao + alot of questions guy. Haha! He looks kinda like...nvm...

Chiang Hui...act cool man. Yo yo..check it out. Haha!

Why Ling so sian? Cause she tired lor. Huiling our orange. Keke..

Gene my darling came down all the way from Clementi after class to join us. Actually he was aiming for the white lover's chocolate, else he also go home de. LoL.

ARGH!! That's me!! Kekekeke..I'm so damn lame lor. Think too bored.

Need I say more? Jack the birthday boy lor!

The waiters (haven't see any waitress yet) are very nice. When I signalled to them for the cake, they actually light up the candles and put it infront of Jack. They even gave us plates and forks (w/o us asking for it). They did it with a smile somemore. This kind of service, where to find? I swear I'm not smitten by them, although they're witty, funny and cute looking. LoL.

He is just so damn young..I'm so jealous!! LoL. This cake was bought at a cake shop opposite TP, one of the cake shop we used to frequent during poly days. The standard is still there; cheap and good.

We bought Jack a Parker pen, cause he's a sales engineer and is a student. Nothing beats having a pen. And we bought the refill. The pen comes with a keychain. It has a diamante on's so....girl...anyway, being the cheeky one, I hid the pen underneathe the box and in its place, I put the refill. When I gave Jack the present, I told him to buy the pen himself, I had only bought the refill.

AND HE BELIEVED IT. He told me ok, he'll go buy the pen. -_-" I thought he was being sarcarstic, that is until Sue and Alvin kept dropping hints for him to open up the other layer, then Jack realised the pen is there. -_-" Really dots lor. He actually believed I'm so evil as to buy the refill and not the pen.

He is a silly guy to believe in EVERYTHING I say. LoL

Oh yah, our total bill for the dinner was abt $130 and the drinks came up to $80+. BUO is a nice place..I'll definitely go again. Maybe jio BR gang there...hmm...

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