Friday, July 18, 2008

Me Thinks God Is Too Fair to Me

Many years ago, Crystal and I were having a conversation about fairness. And she was the one who told me God is very fair. She said that God gave her brains and took away her height. I asked her what did God gave me and took away from me. To this she replied God gave me height and took away everything else. -_-"

When I was about 22, doctor confirmed that I have psoriasis, a kind of skin disease. I thought about this and felt that God wasn't fair. But I was given a 2nd chance to study, so I thought..ok He's fair. That was the year where my family started getting close also. O..k...

Then 1 year+ ago, I had knee problems. That wasn't really fair right? I mean..God gave me sensitive skin, sensitive eyes (I can only wear hard lens), sensitive nose and now? A problematic knee? But then I had a pay rise. OK, in a comforting way, He's being fair again. But I still don't think it's fair lah. =P

This morning, I went to polyclinic for my knee follow up. And the doctor told me there wasn't anything wrong with my bones. Bla bla bla. In short, I've flexible joints, meaning my bones can move, therefore I will get joints pain every now and then. -_-" Oh, so God made me feel pain in the knees because he gave me flexible joints. Doctor told me to stand up and straighten my legs. Apparently my knees go back further than normal people. She told me to bend my fingers to touch my wrists, which I couldn't, so she told me to bend backwards and I was able to do that. That confirmed her suspicions. -_-" God gave me flexible joints, but in return, gave me the pains....

In the afternoon, I had an appointment with my dentist regarding my braces. When I was there, Dr Ho told me that she had bad news for me. Apparently, adults are supposed to have 32 teeth. And normallly 4 wisdom teeth (which I had extracted all 4 before). But today she showed me my x-ray of my jaw, gums and whatnots. I have a 5th wisdom tooth at the top right. -_-" Nvm, cause it won't affect the braces or my teeth cause I have space at the top gums. The bad news is...I've 2 full grown teeth..TWO..inside my lower gums. One of which is growing very near to the nerve and there's a risk to take if I take it out. My mouth/gum will be numb if accidentally hurt the nerve. HOWEVER, if I don't extract those 2 teeth, I'm unable to get my braces done. The irony man. After my 4th wisdom tooth was taken out, I was so glad that I'd no need to do anymore surgery. This is really karma. I was laughing at Feng and Nel when they extracted their wisdom tooth. Shit. Now I've to go do surgery (exactly the same like wisdom tooth) to extract those 2 teeth. ARGH!!!!!

I messaged Sue just now that I always thought God wasn't really fair to me. He gave me height and took away everything else. That is until just now; I realised God gave me 39 teeth instead of the usual 32 teeth. *Cries* I've to go surgery again....a great time to lose weight...good news though. Instead of 3 years as predicted, Dr Ho says I'll have braces for roughly 26 months only! Me wana be pretty..........

PS: Apparently my mouth looked like I'm pouting because of my upper teeth cause they jut out too much. Shit. And I've 3 options for braces...
1: Normal - $3000
2: White ceramic - $3700
3: Special (shorter duration) - $3650
Take which one leh?

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