Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My First X-ray Experience

I went to the polyclinic last Friday. I was only there for about 2 hours, which includes waiting for registeration, waiting for doctor, seeing a doctor, waiting for medicines and all. The doctor, Dr Mok (a HK-er), asked me a couple of questions which had me laughing:

Doc: So what's wrong with you?
Me: My left knee hurts
Doc: Oh, it's a very long problem? Had been going on for a couple of years now.
Me: Ya, recently it gotten so bad I can't really sleep properly.
Doc: *Touches left knee and right knee* Are you sure your right knee doesn't hurt?
Me: Ya.. *confused*
Doc: Cause your right knee is hotter than your left knee.
Me: *Had crossed my left leg over the right for 10min* Oh..no no, the left is painful
Doc: Ok..have you fallen on your knee before?
Me: Nopez
Doc: Do you do any sports?
Me: *Laughs* Nopez
Doc: So bone should be no problem
Me: Could you refer me to take an x-ray or something?
Doc: Sure..you sure you didn't fall on your knees before? Or do sports?
Me: *Laughs again* No I hate sports
Doc: Ok, you take this and go out, they'll take your x-ray for you. Any drug alergies? The panadol taken last time got use?
Me: Nopes. Nopes.
Doc: OK, Come back in a week. I suspect it's your ligament. Nothing to do with your bones. Remember to take the panadol I'm prescribing to you (dotz).

I went out, waited for the receptionist to get me my appointment for X-ray. Apparently x-ray must be done at Tampines polyclinic. Dotz. Didn't have time to go down to Tampines polyclinic cause it was almost 3+pm liao. So in the end, I went home, changed and went over to TTSH to visit Feng's father, who just had an operation recently.

I went to Tampines polyclinic on Saturday morning with my parents, and the medicine + consultation fee on Friday costs me $12.80, whereas the x-ray costs me $12.50. The x-ray actually didn't hurt. But it was the part where the nurse bent my knee and pushed it down on the bed that hurts. I was limping when I went out to wait for the results. After spending like almost 2hrs there, I was told to go back this Friday to Bedok polyclinic to see my doctor. Hmm..too bad I can't make it this Fri cause I have dental appointment. All these HAD to happen when I'm not working and low on moolah. Sianz. Well, mom asked me to ask the doc to recommend me to physiotheraphy. -_-" More money needed again. And my braces. ARGH!! This Fri gonna confirm everything le. Well, that I will update again. Someday. LoL. My rabbits bitting my shoes..damn, gotta chase her back to her cage. Ciaoz.

I pray hard to have money drop down from the sky into my laps. Just enough money for my braces, my physiotheraphy, my school text books/stationeries, transportation and food for the next 2 years without me having to work cause I wana spend the time studying and getting good results so I won't hate myself for quitting a money-paying job to study. *Phew* Money money omph!

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