Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day Of Class

What can I say about today other than 2 words? COCKED UP. We were given the class list over the weekend and apparently those who are in tutorial group A (eg A1, A2 etc) will be in lecture group A..technically that is. Huda, one of my classmate, was listed in class A6. Meaning she's in lect group A right? So we thought.

Huda, me and Thomas turned up for our 9am lecture on Accounting: Business Reporting for Decision Making. That is until one of the staff stuck something on the lecture door (more like big classrom that can accomodate about 200 students) and Huda realised she's NOT in group A. Apparently she had been shifted to group B, which today's lecture for same subject is at 12pm!! Piangz! And apparently half of the students who turned up for the 9am lessons are due at 12pm lor. Waste time! Damn cocked up. And I still have not received my UoN student card and most of the students have not receive their login ID and password!! To this, the staff said that there's 300+ students for this year's intake and only she herself is doing everything. My classmates were like," So? Don't make your business my business. I paid you, you're paid to do all these." My thinking was, the confirmed list of students wasn't given to her recently only. Why now? Why can't she do it first? So what if some students decided to withdraw? Do earlier also won't harm right? Dotz.

Anyway, it doesn't affect me cause of my surname. I'll still be in group A with Chew. Let's just call him Chew lah. LoL. Anyway, I took cab to school this morning cause I waited for the bus until it was too late liao. Stupid bus came at 815 lor! I sure late! So decided to take cab. WRONG CHOICE!! It costs me $22!! *Heartache* I am so leaving house at 740am on Wed. Heng tml lesson is at 10am.

My lecture is an Indian. And since I'm the stupid and not so kiasu one, I didn't print the lecture notes. A few of the students did. And my lecturer was talking and talking and all me and Chew could do was to highlight our text. And the lecturer damn cute. We didn't know he's cracking a joke until he's laughing. LoL. And he gave homework!!

Up till now...only did 2 discussion questions lor. Haven't even reach the homework part yet. Damn. Think I gotta go do liao..else Chew do finish le I also haven't finish. Next Monday have to hand in..class participation is 15%. I need to get my D......

PS: Regardin my breakup issues..he's taking time to think it over. But Mike told me to expect the worst. So now, I'm just sms-ing him everyday, showing whatever care and concern I can. Even if he doesn't reply, at least I did it willingly and happily. Wonder why I didn't do it last time..I'm a stupid one. Just...stop asking how I am and everything ok? You guys know me..I like to act OK. So just let me be OK.....thanks.

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