Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Think I Like IRHR1001

Today had IRHR1001 (Organization Behaviour) lecture. Was feeling pretty tired this morning. suddently I remembered that I'm going for class. LoL. So dragged myself out and met Chew at Eunos MRT. We reached school around 950am, but the stupid classroom (forever D-113 lor) doesn't have much choices of seats left. So boh bian, we went to find seats. Still thought can nua nua abit.

Anyway when I stepped into the class, I was happy to know that Peter Waring (pronounced as wearing) is our lecturer!! He was the one that made me drop jaw when I went into his office looking for Dr Steve. YES! The good looking one!! Stupid Chew say that Peter looked like Pinocchio cause the nose very sharp and long. -_-" And that he's short. I then told Chew that God made him almost perfect..then decided such man shouldn't exist so took away his height. LoL.

OK..I've decided that I'm going to like IRHR1001. Not only because Pinocchio is our lecturer, he's great at making the subject not so boring. He gives great examples and elaborate into details. LoL. Aiyah..I'm drooling over him mah..lol.

Seriously, I might get to hate this subject. We had lunch with Chew's friend Nadia just now, and she told us if we did our homework and go class religiously, it's hard for us to fail. All except IRHR1001. It's slightly more difficult. Can get pass or credit, but difficult to get disctinction or high distinction. And like accounts yesterday, we were given homework today. First submission is on 19th Sept, weightage is 10%. It's a thesis (Pinocchio calls it 'essay') of at least 1200 words. Only 1 website reference can be used. 2nd homework due on 29th Oct is worth 20%. 2200 words. -_-"

Gotta buck up..but I so wana sleep right now. Tml has to leave house at 740am. Meaning I've to wake up either at 645 or 7am. SHIT. Hmm..I should finish my accounts case studies before I start on the IRHR1001 thesis..........Tml is Econ..wonder who's the lecturer? *yawn*

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