Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Eh enough is enough lah! So what if I'm an only child and my parents are still working?! So what if I'm no longer working full time? DOES IT MEAN THAT I'VE TO DEPEND ON MY PARENTS?! I'm damn pissed off lor!! Just because I'm an only child? Just because my parents can afford for me to do full time studies?!?! Hey listen here and get things straight. I'M LOANING THE 25K NEEDED FOR MY STUDIES FROM MY DAD. It's better I owe him without interests than to bank with interests which will kill me. I HAVE TO PAY BACK THIS SUM OF MONEY BECAUSE IT'S HIS MONEY. WE HAD COME TO A MUTUAL AGREEMENT THAT I'LL PAY BACK THIS MONEY!!

As for my braces, FUCK LAH!! I'm paying that from my own money ok!! I saved up enough money to get me through 2 years of expenses (including transport). Plus now I'm teaching tuition, and the braces costs like $160/mth, I CAN AFFORD IT. And I'M PAYING FROM MY OWN POCKET!! Stop saying that I depend on my parents or make comments like "Aiyah, you still got your parents ma." or "You no money your parents will still give you de lor." I'm seriously insulted by these kind of comments. BECAUSE I DEPEND ON MYSELF!! THEY ARE JUST PAYING FOR MY SCHOOL FEES!!

As for those sup cards, HELLO!! There's rebate!! And I transfer the amount I used to my father within the week!! I PAY HIM BACK WHATEVER I USED!!!! Damn dulan lor!! I chose NOT to study part time is because I know myself too well. I won't concentrate as well and can't take the stress. I've low tolerance in everything. Furthermore I have psoriasis!! I can't take too much stress or my psoriasis will get worse! I prefer to have more time and just focus on ONE THING; STUDIES!!

So if you're my friend, stop making comments like my parents can afford or whatever. SO WHAT IF THEY CAN? Jealous?! It doesn't mean I'm making use of this option ok!! You jealous and want it so much, ask my parents to be YOUR parents lor!! *Dulan*

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