Thursday, August 7, 2008

Degree Is Somewhat Important

This is just a small prove of what a degree is worth. Let's say take 2 people, one with diploma, one with a degree. The pay difference? A $840 difference. Doesn't seem alot? That's a 40% more EVERY MONTH. Which equals to $10,080 a year. This is the government sector, of course they pay more.

Verlyn, you say degree doesn't mean earn more. But then you're a financial planner. It's not counted cause yours is commission based. I'm talking about the normal *yawn* mudane, 9-5 job in private sectors. Office jobs WITHOUT commission.

Vera is now a manager in some bank and Crystal is some operational manager as well. Even government is placing more importance on that stupid piece of paper by paying more. Isn't that enough evidence? A diploma nowadays is so common, like an O levels cert is some 5 - 10 years ago. LoL.

Actually the motive of my previous post is to tell people that having a degree isn't everything when you don't have the right working attitude. And having the right attitude but no degree can't help much in the promotion if some companies need their employees to have a degree before they can promote them to a certain position. You must be willing to learn and have a positive attitude. So apparently my friend had misunderstood me. I never said that a degree IS a must or will definitely earn more. But then, the pay as mentioned above apparently showed that a degree student will have a higher starting pay. Attitude counts on the yearly pay increment ok. LoL. Jiayou people!!

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