Monday, August 4, 2008

Relieve At Last!!

After 1 week of agony, I can remove stitches le!! I'll be removing my stitches tomorrow at 2:30pm!! Hope I can see Dr Su/Hsu/Soo. Maybe bump into him "accidentally"? Shit..fa hua chi again! =P

Anyway, I can finally start to talk slightly normally le. Been talking like a speech impaired person for many days. Today did the most steady thing..I WENT TO TEACH TUITION DESPITE ME NOT BEING ABLE TO OPEN MY MOUTH!! Steady pom pi pi lor!

Gotta ask Dr Eugene tomorrow if my recovery is fast enough. If ok, then I'll go back Ubi Dental to remove one more tooth (yes remove somemore), do some touching up on those bad fillings, clean my teeth and then it's braces time!!

I just hope that all these can be squeezed in within 2 weeks, cause I've orientation on the 20th! So ppl, please stop asking me how's school. School haven't start! Orientation on the 20th and school starts on 25th! So gimme a break! Tml after my stitches, me think of going down to Popular and see if they have my textbooks on sale. Yes! My book list is out! And apparently we're supposed to get it at Popular PSB. See outside got or not ba. Just pray hard for me that there's no more pain for the other extraction.

I still think I'm crazy to willing to go thru all these. Just to fix up my teeth when I could have done it during secondary school. Mom is always rubbing it in and saying that last time ask me do braces I say ugly, now I'm willing to do all these extraction just to put on something which I used to say is ugly. @#$%

But on the other hand, I lost 2KGS and had not been smoking for...10 days!! Kekekee...ok gotta sleep soon. Ciaoz!

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