Sunday, August 3, 2008

Long Time No Cook Le

About a month plus ago, mom had lunch with her friends, leaving me and dad at home with nothing to eat and nobody to cook for us. Dad was lazy to go down tabao and I was hungry, and didn't want to eat KFC nor Macs, so I've decided to cook. Found some bak chor (minced pork) and some veggies. Should be enough for dad and me ba.

Fry fry fry...fry my bak chor. Funnily I wasn't so hungry when I was cooking. Maybe I should cook more, then I won't be that hungry all the time!

Fry my bak chor until crispy crispy..and then add egg!! Yeah!! Then become bak chor egg!! I ate the nicest bak chor egg at Old Kallang airport hawker centre the other time with my parents and I have a sudden craving for it, so decided to cook it!

Flip over! *Sizzle sizzle* Cook cook love cooking...

Doesn't look nice hor? But it tastes nice lor!! and me finished this before the other dish. LoL. Saded cause it wasn't fluffy enough. Not enough oil and heat. Damn. But ownself eat nia, can eat can le. =]

Mummy always says that must eat veggies. Therefore I decided to cook sweet peas and mushroom! My first time cooking sweet peas..or is it french beans? Whatever. LoL. Need garlic, need french beans and mushroom...

Cook french beans first, until more or less slightly softened liao then add mushroom..add a little water, add soy sauce, and a little MSG. As in very very little. Like that then will be sweet. Mummy says one. And it's proven.

Tadah!! Finished product. Doesn't look nice again hor. But who cares. It was a nice meal with me and my dad having 2 plates of rice each. OK end liao. Me go eat tau huay liao..still can't chew. Saded.

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