Monday, August 18, 2008

School Is Starting Soon

That's what I'm doing practically everyday: play games. Although it need not be Viwawa lah. Anyway I only play Sushido on Viwawa. So it got pretty boring after some time. Esp when I keep losing. I'm addicted to winning, so if I lose continuosly, I'll just quit the game and either watch tv or play some other games. Other than going to teach tuition every Mon and Fri that is.

Well, orientation is coming. It's on the 20th, which is this coming Wed. And I have been gorging myself these few days. Saturday's dinner was durians and Sunday's brunch was prawn noodles (which I helped to cook, shell and prepare!)..2 big bowls!! And dinner on Sunday? A trip down to Sakura Balestier for a very full dinner. After eating so much seafood, I'm beginning to have rashes now. Damn.

Someone asked me if I was excited about going back school. Well, I guess not really. Not as excited as putting on the braces this Thursday!! LoL. me, school lor. Make new friends, learn new things, have tests/exams/thesis/projects and then u go on. Maybe I'll feel excited on Tues night ba. Classes starts on Monday and I've yet to know what class I'll be in. It'll determine what kind of timetable I will have you see.

Orientation bring what leh? I know I've to bring my nets card cause buying text books. Dad told me to sign credit card and I was bookshop can sign meh? LoL. Not sure. Hope to see Thomas (my coursemate who attended the English lessons with me) during orientation. At least someone I know. Shit..think I need to go take some anti-histamine later. I really cannot take it liao..whole body itching and face also itching. going to sleep liaoz. Nights!!

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