Monday, August 11, 2008

Fish Porridge @ Amoy Food Market

A couple of weeks ago, before I had my surgery, I was woke up at 9+am (Saturday lor!) to go get a referral letter from polyclinic. My parents drove me to polyclinic and I confirmed with them that I ALREADY had a referral letter from my dentist. So in the end, mom told dad to drive us to NDC. When we were there, we were informed that NDC opens from Mon - Fri, 8 - 5pm. Dotz. With nowhere to go and my parents were hungry, they decided to go Amoy food market. Yeah! I can buy my Missy Muffins!

Upon reaching there, mom and dad went to queue up for this porridge stall. Even though it's a Saturday, there was quite a number of people queueing for the porridge. Since I wasn't hungry, mom and dad ordered for themselves.

Mom and dad were the 5th in queue. Behind them were another 5-6 people. Dotz. People actually wake up so early to come here (when most stalls at level 2 are closed) to eat this porridge. What's so nice wor?

they have different kinds of fish. Got the normal fish that we can find in most fish porridge. But not only that lor. Still got seafood porridge and 白鲳鱼 (promfret fish) porridge. Wanted to try the 白鲳鱼 one, but mom already ordered the normal de. Chey.

This is their "soy sauce". It's actually bean paste, soy sauce with chilli. Quite not bad. It actually complements the whole porridge..even though the porridge is saltish enough. =)

TADAH!! The porridge!! Chopsticks and ceramic spoon are used. Initially told my mom I didn't want to eat, but after eating one spoonful, I COULDN'T STOP!! Hahahaa...I actually finished half the bowl. =X How do I describe leh? Fish is bouncy (Q Q) and porridge is the way I like it, can actually see the rice. You can actually taste the fish the porridge. One word: fantastic. Now I know why so many people eat liaoz.

I went over to Missy Muffin to buy the muffins!! Yeah!! The blueberry one is nice lor. And I saw the owner who joined the Qiang Tan Da Xing Dong. She's quite pretty. Anyway, bought 6 muffins. Each $1 only anyway.

Clockwise from bottom left: Cheese, milo and mocha. Maybe I got the milo and mocha mixed up. When I was eating my blueberry muffin then I realised forgotten to take picture. By then mom was already halfway through her banana muffin and dad and me on our blueberry muffin.

What can I say? Unless you can finish the muffins within an hour or so, DO NOT BUY SO MANY. By the time I got home, the other muffins already nua nua. When I first bought it, the top is crispy crispy and the middle soft soft one. When I got home, I wouldn't touch the remaining 3. Waste my money. But blueberry one really nice. Maybe next time buy 1 enough le...

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