Wednesday, August 20, 2008

UoN BBUS Orientation

Yesterday didn't sleep at all. Ok..I was drifting in and out of sleep, but I remember hearing the Mari Kita on radio before finally sleeping peacefully for hour and a half? Today is orientation day for BBUS (Bachelor in Business) and BCOMM (Bachelor in Communication) students. I thought I was late for school cause I waited for the bus like..20min lor. Heng reached school around 9:20.Felt so out of place over there. Everyone seemed to know someone and I was all alone.

Kept looking around for Thomas (my classmate-cum-coursemate whom I got to know during my "English" lessons) but cannot see him. In the end I queued up to register alone and overheard these 2 girls behind me chatting. One was telling her friend that she'd absolutely die if she was to come alone lor. Piangz..was so demoralised I almost wanted to just go home and sleep the day away.

But I registered, got my goody bag (which consisted of a PSB ring file, a keychain from UoN and some accessory) and walked to the classroom. Then I saw Thomas!! Piang!! He remembered me and my spirits lifted lor!! We sat together and went through the orientation together. Basically hor, it's like..argh!!

1015 - 11: Talk by one of the lecturers
1100 - 1145: Ice breaker 1
1145 - 1250: Talk on plagarism
1250 - 1305: Photo taking UNDER THE FUCKING HOT SUN
1305 - 1350: LUNCH TIME!! And buying of textbooks ($301.50 for 4 subjects!!!!) and getting of my library card
1400 - 1500: Ice breaker 2
1500 - 1530: Talk on student council (recruitment lah)
1530 - 1545: Exchange numbers with classmates!! Kekeke..then go vivo wait for dad to pick me up.....

We were each handed a piece of paper with boxes like the above, except we had 20 boxes to complete. We had to go around the room asking our classmates to sign under the box that best describe them. LoL. In the end, I was left with the box of birth mark..then I got a guy to sign it. And he promised if he was called up, he would reply that his birthmark is somewhere that is ungentlemanly to show. LoL. Damn funny..but I can't seem to remember his name now. Keke.

Me and Thomas were split into different group for ice breaker 2. The game is like...the person in charge will flash a word (e.g. longest) and we had to guess longest what and send a representative up. The first word was longest and I kena. My group asked me up and I was ok with it. We thought it was hair. Then the other 3 groups see me walk up then they started to send girls from their team to compete the hair length with me. BUT THEN...the person in charge wants longest legs lor. Which I won down. Haha!! I was the tallest among them ma. LoL. I won a point for my team...and the ONLY point. Our group lost (got loudest YAWN, fattest EAR LOBE, brightest TEETH, blackest PUPIL, softest SKIN, thinnest THUMB, hardest STOMACH etc.) but damn did we have fun!! LoL. My group people all very onz one lor.

After this game, we had another talk on student council recruitment. I was thinking whether to join or not. I missed the times where I organised events, joined orientations or helped out back in poly. But then, will I be able to score and handle CCA ON TOP of my tuition job? After much consideration (which is like....10min?) I decided to just concentrate on my studies and tuition ba. If my future employees wana see how I can manage people, please see my poly CCA records. LoL. Furthermore I have 2yrs+ working experience. Can lah.

Something funny is that I will be starting class on Monday. However, I don't know what class I have on Monday cause I have yet to enrol for that class (we get to choose what class we want to be in at which day and time). We were told to enrol using our student number and the password given. And these...will be given next week. Hahahaha!! Then I Mon no class? LoL. Hopefully they'll send the details by Friday. Anyway, youngest is 17. Oldest is me lor. As in I'm the oldest in the whole BBUS and BCOM. Guys also younger than me. -_-" Demoralised.

Average I'll be studying 4 days per week, and longest duration is about 4hrs. Kekeke!! SHIOK LAH!! More time to study and aim for my D or HD!! Then hopefully can do honours..*dreaming liao*. See how it the meantime, tonight have to sleep early cause I'm getting my braces tomorrow!! YEAH!!!

PS: I told Thomas that PSB has the smallest Popular Bookshop in the whole of Singapore..however it contains the most expensive books (one of my text book costs $120 and is not available anywhere else).

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