Thursday, August 21, 2008

Metal Teeth - Start of 26 Months

Last week, I went to my dentist for cleaning before I tie braces. I did the braces today!! LoL. I took a picture of myself a few weeks back..without braces of course.

Looks straight? Actually no lor. My teeth aren't straight at all..

Think this was taken before the cleaning cause the stains were removed. many up and downs. Like my life...more downs than ups...

Anyway finally did my braces!! Today only tie the top. Yes, I chose the most expensive type which is ceramic. It doesn't hurt as much and you can't really see it from far. Dr Ho says to tie the top today, and the bottom will be tied 2 months later as it isn't as crooked as the top. But then, after 2-3 weeks I'll be able to see difference in the top liao. Shall see 2 weeks later.

I can talk normally and i just finished a packet of instant noodles. Pek cek thing was the stupid noodles kept getting stuck on the wire. Dotz. Now I've to brush my teeth after every meal until I get used to it. And I have to eat soft food for these couple of weeks else the brackets will drop and I've to go back to get it fixed. It feels weird as if my teeth are now very heavy. Keke. OK gotta go brush teeth liao. Ciaoz.


Jas aka paced said...

I had braces on before and the main rule to eating is that make sure the food is not hard enough to snap the wire. Hehe...
Eg: Still can eat apples, but have to cut it into smaller bits.

When the wires are tightened after my scheduled checkup, I usually have to go on soft diet like porridge because the gums and teeth will be too aching for me to bite anything. While a friend of mine would have a slight fever.

Good luck! Hope it is all smooth sailing for you and not much pain or aches!

Xueyu said...

hey thanks! Actually I dun like to eat apples or pears so it's ok for me. But I cant eat prata with curry!! ARGH! 26 mths hurry go by ba..keke