Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How Much Is Enough?

I was waiting for bus this morning when I bumped into my primary school friend. So I sat down beside him and we both waited for the bus. His work place is rather near my school you see. Anyway, we started talking and all. On the bus, I asked him why he didn't buy a car instead, since his workplace is at Harbourfront and he has to travel often cause he's doing sales. To this he replied," I'm not earning enough."

Since he's a grad, I assumed that he's earning about 3K+. He told me that it's lesser than that. So I asked if it's 2K+ and he still said it's lesser than that. So I got it. He's earning $4K+. And he's complaining that he's not earning enough? Hello..this is like his first proper job after he grad and he's earning 4K+ and has increment every 6 months. And that's not considered enough? I was earning 2K previously only ok!

Anyway, he told me that with the money he had to spend on the car (inclusive of loans, carpark coupons, ERP etc etc), he would have to part with $1500 every month. And being the business grad he is, he started calculating to me that how much he could have saved per year and all. He further explained to me that even though banks tell you it's 2.5% interest, you're actually paying 10%. Yada yada. To this he concludes that he will not purchase the car until he earns more. FYI, he was my classmate back in primary school. Not that difficult to guess his age.

Then our topic drifted to marriage. He told me that he is not earning enough to sustain a gf now or to get married. Not enough again? So how much is enough? I guess you can't really put a ceiling to remunerations cause when your earning increase, so does your expenditures.

Back in poly, I eat at kopidiams, food court and occassionally, at cafes. When I started working, my visits to such places are almost zero. I've to go places where I'm being served. I eat at restaurants and such. But then my mom instilled the good habit of saving money to me since I was young, so my savings went up as well. =]

Oh yah, I'm now still in school and waiting for my dad to pick me up cause just finished the assignment session with Chew. It's going to rain again. -_-"

You know..sometimes I wish I can just turn back clock and seriously study hard and maybe, just maybe, I would be where I am today many years ago. =] I'm lagging behind my mates alot. I've a lot to catch up to them. =] Who knows..when I grad, when I'm earning 4K, I'll say that I'm not earning enough too.....

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