Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Too Young or Lack of EQ?

Was doing my STAT1060 project with my group members the other day when one of the members asked the remaining of us why do we study at PSB since we already have a degree? He's from China you see, and the remaining 3 of us are Singaporeans. So to this, the youngest member (a female age 21 this year) replied:

A dip is like kopidiam...very common and low class
A normal deg is like foodcourt...common but higher class
An honours deg is like cafe...higher class than foodcourt
A masters is like a restaurant...high class
phd is like high class restaurant...expensive and damn high class
The more you study the more high class you are.

OK..either she's too young or she has low EQ. What makes you think that the more you study the more high class you are? LoL. It just means you've more knowledge, therefore your boss will give you more shits to do, which means you will be paid more since your shit is more. THAT'S ALL. Doesn't have ANYTHING to do with high class or what. For someone who don't even know the logo of Mont Blanc (somemore she was using the pen and she don't know it's Mont Blanc) or pronounce it properly (it's mon-t blah-nck..not mant blank), who are you to talk about class?

Kids. Sheesh.

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