Monday, September 1, 2008

My Horoscope For The Day

Aries - September 1, 2008

You may be making slow but gradual progress with a relationship matter, but it's not necessarily a good time to try to push things too far right now. So just remember to be patient. Even though you might know what you want, just realize that it may still be a while before you can be certain whether or not someone else shares all your feelings

Quite zhun hor? Keke. I went out with Feng today! Hahahaha. I sms him everyday when I go school. So today, I know that he's not working, so I sms-ed him asking if he wana meet me after my tuition. He called me during my breaktime and said to wake him up at 430pm and we will go out. Yeah!!! Damn happy.

After tuition, I walked over to his block and waited for him. We decided to go somewhere near since he wana be home early and I'm just too tired to travel far. (Thomas jiemei ah..your wedding was great by the way!) We went there and decided to watch Clone Wars. Or rather I suggested one. But so damn sway Feng remembered something about me saying I hate Star Wars. LoL. So he bought tickets to Wall-E while I was in the bathroom. WALL-E IS JUST SO DAMN CUTE!!

The movie reminded of me and Feng lor. He's the Wall-e (curious and the actions he did!!) and I'm like Eva (hot tempered and didn't realise the things we treasure most until it's lost). But like what the above mentioned..I've to keep things slow. So it's like a new relationship but not. If you get what I mean. =)

Anyway I bought mooncakes for his family and he was laughing when I said that I'm a good girl now. He said that I must be forever like this (wah piang..take my life sua lah...haha) cannot be the old me. -_-" It's akin to asking a carnivore stop eating meat and start eating veggies. But I believe after the various incidents...our relationship can start to grow stronger le....ok gotta go sleep liao. Damn tired..assignments not done yet!! SHIT!! Nites!

PS: To Mr A,
FYI, regarding your UNNECESSARY comment of 懒人没药救 (no medication to cure lazy people) yesterday, I WAS WEARING HEELS. And why should I make things hard for myself just to give you convinience? And you were blocking my way and I did say excuse me. Not as if you were talking to the guy next to you. Some comments keep to yourself better lah hor. Just so you can stand there and block the way, I have to make a detour? And you call yourself a man. *Ptui*

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