Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Please Help To Vote!

Please help to vote my 2 biao jies and 1 biaomei in the Toshiba makeover competition! All you have to do is go here and register to vote. Multiple votes are allowed. Choose 'Browse Red' and vote the following contestants!

Vivienne Chua - Er jie
She's a mother of 2 lor! Recently just gave birth to a son. Ex-SIA stewardess.

Jessica Chua - San jie (but I call her biaojie or by her nick)
She's single!!! Anyone interested?

Ee Ling - Biao Mei
She's also known as Elva Hsiao lookalike. Those who had seen her in real life before that is. Ex-stewardess. Sorry guys. She's married.

Nevertheless, still can help to vote right? I can tell you the photographer sucks. My biaojies and biaomei are prettier in real life and even in their normal photo taking, they look much prettier than these photos. This I sompah. Anyway, please help to vote!! Thanks!

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