Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Am A Canivore..So I Thought

Wanted to go Carnivore for a very long time. So last month, Feng brought me to the Vivo branch and it was our first time there.

Me is jiak bak (eat meat), I like meat. My cousin-in-law called me and my cousin carnivores cause we like to eat meat. Just look at the choices available lor!! I'm spoilt for choices man!! I'm a beef girl..not just that I'm beefy in size, but I like beef!!

This part is a little like Marche though. When you show the green side, the waiters will keep serving you meat and coming to ask if you want this or that. But it doesn't seem so effective cause even though both Feng and me had put the red color, we had waiters coming up to us asking if we still want more meat.

This was highly recommended by the staff. It's some Brazil soda drink. Don't know why got Japanese words. Tastes like Zapple la.

Salad is buffet style. Take all you want if you can finish all. Took some octopus, creamy cai xin (I prefer Billy Bomber's creamy spinach), eggplant, sauteed onions, potato salad, some cherry tomatoes and pasta. The potato salad not nice de. In the end I threw the whole load of potato on Feng's plate. =]

The waiter told us if we find the meat too saltish, add the thing on the left. If we find it too oily and sickening, eat some salsa on the right. In the middle were 2 small cheese bread which we ate before I remembered to take this pic. LoL. So paiseh...

Piangz, I eat finish these and I couldn't move le lor. Waste of money. And I thought I was a carnivore. But after finishing these, I actually went to vomit (meat overload) and since I don't like salsa, I had to bear with it. But let me tell you which is the nicest. It's not the beef though..it's the lamb. DAMN NICE!! Oh yah, Gene says must try their pineapples. Since I don't like pineapples, I didn't try. Neither did Feng cause he knows I can't stand the smell. LoL. OK. End liao. So in conclusion, I'm not really a hardcore carnivore afterall! LoL.


articulator said...

you should have taken pictures of meat cravers slicing the meat off to your plate. they will usually oblige you. Oh, turn on the macro function on your digital camera: more details will be captured and your pictures will look more alluring.

Xueyu said...

Eh articulator, that was taken with my hp camera. How good would the results be? I don't bring my camera everywhere I go. thanks for the tips though.