Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sofra - Turkish Food In Singapore

This is a very back dated entry that I didn't have the time...or mood to update. On National Day, me and Feng decided to go out and grab something to eat, shun bian catch a movie. So he suggested going Shaw and I suggested going to Sofra to have dinner. It was his first time and my 3rd time there.

That's not water or anything. Feng ordered a Turkish coffee if I'm not wrong. And the cup was that small. But the power of the caffine...WOW I tell you. It's gao gao (thick) one lor. Best was the grounded coffee seeds were settled at the bottom so when he was about to finish the drink, he ate alot of coffee seeds. LoL.

That's Cacik. Feng's appetiser. It's cucumber with yoghurt. The smell of the cucumber was very strong. I didn't want to try it since I don't really like cucumber or yoghurt. Feng didn't finish it either. It's a little saltish and sweet..we're just not used to it.

My sultan Kebap. It's lamb, mashed potato and cheese. The cheese is covering the mash potato. And the lamb...it's so nice!! Doesn't have the sickening smell of lamb and..piangz, cheese and mashed potato, what combination can be better than this?

I believe this is Sofra yaprak tavuk, which is chicken meat stuffed with something...and mashed potato.

My phone camera not very good, so pardon the pics. But this is what it's stuffed with. I can't really confirm if it's yaprak tavuk, but most likely it is. Note the cheese. Me and Feng both love cheese. LoL. I still prefer my sultan kebap though. =P

This is the reason why I suggested going to Sofra to eat. This is also the one thing that made me wana go back again and again. It's Turkish Rice Pudding!! Nice nice!! Sweet de. When my parents went over to Turkey last year, they came back and told me they couldn't eat a single bite of the desserts over there cause it's just too sweet. And trust me, this rice pudding is sweet as well. At first Feng wanted to order one, but I told him to try mine first, cause even I have to admit it's too sweet. Well, my serving came, he tried and ordered another one. In the end he ate 1.5 cause I couldn't finish mine. =P

Since it was National Day, there were fireworks. Guess what? We caught the fireworks while enjoying our dinner. It's just so qiao we were there. And so qiao we saw the fireworks..part of it I guess. We were blocked by some buildings. But then, to enjoy the fireworks without squeezing with loads of people AND enjoying the aircon, food and company....what could be better?

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