Monday, September 8, 2008

Studying Is More Tiring Than Working

When I was working previously, I am able to quarrel with Feng until 2 - 3am, and still be able to wake up at 815 to go work. And I still can be awake to do my work from 9 - 6. However, ever since school started, I've to have at least 8hrs of sleep. Or more.

Yesterday I slept at around midnight, and was supposed to wake up at 7am today. You know what? Students get Monday blues too. I couldn't get up and had to drag my body to the bathroom. Got to school on time (stupid bus was late) and promptly doze off a couple of times during lecture. It's either I'm tired or the lecturer is too boring. I choose the latter cause most of my lecturemates were sleeping (those who chose to sit behind) also. I was quite awake during the last 10min of my lecture though.

Lunch came and I was still awake. I even bought a cup of choco-latte from the vending machine just in case I fall asleep during tutorial. Which me and Chew did. Although I believe I dozed off more than him. That's why I chose to sit in the corner ma. 2hrs of tutorial was hell for me cause I was doing everything I can to keep myself awake (which includes drawing cartoons on Chew and Duo Nan's textbooks, slapping myself and eating sweets) and every minute seemed to crawl by so slowly.

See now 10+pm and I'm already going to go sleep le. Heng tomorrow's class is at 10am, which means I can wake up at 8am. I need sleep. Tml's Pinocchio's class. Have to stay awake. Oh shit. My STAT1060 tutorial haven't do yet. My IRHR1001 report haven't started..and it's 1200 words essay!! Shit..have to do by this week cause hand up on 16th!! Shit shit. Everyday also got homework one.

I'm still puzzled why study (more relaxed) is more tiring than working. Is it because nothing to do then keep hearing the lecturers talk and talk...that's why fell asleep? Whatever. I'm tired. And I'm not feeling ok. Go sleep liaoz. Tml going to stay behind and do tutorial with Chew. Maybe start on my IRHR also. 1200 words lor. Nights all.

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