Monday, October 6, 2008

ACFI1001 Assignment 1 Results Out

Yeah! I got 20/35!! Which means for assignment 1, I've got 4% out of 7%. Although not very high, but I'm pretty happy and proud of it cause I didn't know I had to hand in the assignment until 2 hours before the hand in time. If Chew didn't tell me during lecture, I wouldn't have gotten 20 at all. If he hadn't lent me his hp and download the questions, I wouldn't have gotten my 4%. Thanks Chew!!

Best thing was, the section 1, I only got about 4/16. Which sucks. That part needed research lah. But what research can I do during a 2hr lecture? My section 2 pulled me up. I've gotten 16/19!!! Which is like..yeah!! Cause section 2 is doing of the balance sheet, which was something I sucked at! And I got 16!!!! YEAH!! If I had done the research, maybe I would have gotten more. Anyway, this boosted my confidence a little in accounting. Feng was pretty proud of me. =P

Having a headache..need to bathe and sleep le. Shit. Night!!

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