Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ARGH!! I need a break

Next week I'm having quiz. Piangz..30% lor!! It's econs. The only subject that I can try to score in cause all logic. Stats gone case liao. Accounts not much hope. IRHR (organizational behaviour) lagi jialat. Heard from Chew that 60% of the students from previous cohort failed this subject. Piangz! I want a D or a HD one leh...econs lah.....sob.

Damn stressed up. Lips beginning to swell again. Now I'm in school library with Chew. Have to study econs (micro) and edit my group mate's work for Stats. Piangz...I need a break...can't wait for Dec to come then I've 3 weeks holidays. Sigh.......tml going to celebrate Feng's bday. LoL. Tml then I post what I'd bought for him. =P Me go study liao.

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