Monday, October 27, 2008

I Don't Want To Be Admitted

Back from A&E. Gonna keep it short cause I'm still in pain and I'm tired. Basically, went CGH A&E to see doctor regarding my lower left abs pains. Could have reached home an hour earlier..but I was asked to do a urine test and there was no urine. I was in the toilet for an hour before I could produce 10ml of urine.

Had an injection. Wasn't so bad. Doctor asked me if I was allergic to anything. To that I replied,"Injections & needles." Think he's in a bad mood cause he told me that with the pain I've on my lower abs, I won't feel the pain of the injection. He was right. Either he's very good jabber or I'm just too weak to feel anything. He told me to remove my shorts and stuck in fingers up my ass. *Ouch* No warning or anything, unlike my family doctor who would ask me to take a deep breath before inserting anything into my anus.

Anyway, after giving nurse the urine, she tested for pregnancy. -_-" Sheesh. He could have just asked if I was sexually which the answer would be no...not for a very long time anyway. By the way, test was negative la. Nurse made me drink something milky, supposedly for my gastric pain. But I went to vomit everything I had drank since I woke up at 10+pm. It's that jialat.

Went back to doctor and he asked if I'm feeling better. Told him slight. But when he press my tummy, I was grimicing in pain. Still pain. He told me to admit hospital, for further checks. I asked him if I will be on drip and he say definitely. I told him no, I wana go home. He kept asking me to consider staying, and that I need a scan. But then it's not confirmed I'll be scanned tomorrow since it's public holiday. No way am I going to be on drip for 2 days till the doctors give me further tests. NO WAY. Furthermore, alone I'll be scared and sleepless. Dun want. So the doctor made me sign a form, the refusal to be admitted form. Think he must be pretty pissed with me. He then referred me to a general surgeon specialist and told me to wait outside for appointment. The nurse asked if I really don't wana be admitted. I told them no, I've a quiz coming up this Thurs.

The administrator helping me with the booking of appointment asked me the same thing. Would I rather be admitted now? NO. I DON'T WANT. So I'm asked to go back on Nov 4th for a checkup. If I'm in pain anytime between now and then, I'm free to go back.

Mom was like telling me later go home, cannot drink cold water bla bla bla. Then she chided me in the hospital for not telling her this was a prolonged pain (a couple of years liao, but never had the pain remained for so long). I told mom that I had mentioned it to her before, I even went to family doctor for this problem. Mom, being mom, blamed me for not telling her how painful it was. To this I replied that I did, it's just that she brushed it away saying that it's my sitting posture or my drinking habits.

Anyway, the problem that the doctor suspected is that either my fallopian tube/ovary or my intestine. If it's fallopian tube, I might lose the whole left side, cause it might be twisted. If it's ovary, it's serious also. Either way, I'll be left infertile and unable to bear children. If it's intestine..well, not that serious I guess cause he kept stressing on my fallopian tube and ovary. I thought all women have 2 fallopian tubes and ovaries? Left side don't have then wait for right side to create eggs No wonder my menses is irregular...maybe cause my left ovary close shop liao...whatever it is...I'm pretty low at this moment. God's making fun of me....

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