Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Think I'm Not OK

Today I wasn't feeling ok. So I travelled 50min to school, just to attend 1hr+ of lesson. I couldn't concentrate, so I left the lecture during the break. I didn't attend my tutorial. I went home at 10+. And from 11+ I slept all the way to 1+pm, then from 4+pm I slept all the way till 8+.

I'm so physically and mentally tired. I vomitted again. And headache's killing me. Just ate a panadol extra about 2 hrs ago. Head's still painful. I guess I'll give it another hr and then I'll pop another one in. If this continues, I will go see a doctor on Friday. Whatever is wrong with me?

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Anonymous said...

hello, chanced upon yr blog while looking for blogs abt braces, hehe. read yr recent entries and am sorry to learn that u are very stressed now. as a stranger, i can't say much or give advice as i do not know your current life situation so well, but just want to encourage you to hang in there and press on ok? :)