Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Am I OK?

Been having headaches recently. Every night, other than eating my glucosamine sulphate pills, I'm eating panadol extra everyday as well. It has come to a point where the headache is so disgustingly painful, that if I don't eat panadol, I'll vomit. Even if there's nothing to vomit, I will still be able to vomit something out. Just vomitted my Gelare waffles and ice-cream AND the curry I cooked. Waste of my money and effort. Tsk tsk.

Called Ling just now. Thanks girl for your listening ear. Hope I didn't scare you when I suddenly burst out crying. Pressure's been great..really pek cek. Sometimes I wish I can turn back the clock and re-do everything. If only life was a game..everytime you do something wrong, just reset and re-do. At least I know I won't do whatever I'm doing now. I'll choose a different path...and maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't be so stressed up.

Ling told me to relax and not set such high expectations. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm constantly giving myself alot of stress when I know I can't take stress. Psoriasis is getting worse recently. I just hope it won't spread to my face..cause my body now also kena. Damn. I know I will be able to relax 2 years from now..but it's tough right now.....I'm so tired of everything..

One day, if you don't see me in school anymore or at Bedok, please go Buangkok Green to look for me. I'm that close to losing my mind.............

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