Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't Quit When The Going Gets Tough

Before I start this entry, I would like to sincerely apologize to Chew. Sorry bro for screaming at you this afternoon. I didn't know I was that fierce until Sherona asked me to cool down. Sigh. Old habits die hard.

The reason why I'm so pissed is that Chew felt like giving up on the project, which we are currently facing alot of difficulties. And it doesn't help that we have to hand in by this Thursday. I don't like quitters. I hate people giving up. Because I've been given up twice repeatedly by the 2 men that I loved then. They just had enough and decided to give up on the relationship. To me, that's the easy way out. Instead of finding a way around the problem, you just end it. Pretty much the same when I committed suicide. Everyone's scolding me then. Yupz..but in the end, I'm still here aren't I?

Mom had given up on my studies, because of past experience. Yea it hurts that she's constantly telling me that I can't make it, but then I didn't give up. Like what Sherona said this afternoon, don't aim for HD or D lor, aim for credit. My main goal is to get my degree and to wear the square hat..and wear it I will in 2 years' time. Sure, I may grumble and constantly say that I wana give up, but then I won't. It's just me asking for pitying and wallowing in self pity. I'm stressed up, just because I don't show doesn't mean I'm not afraid. Doesn't mean I'm not working hard. So far, I'm pretty OK with my results. So what if I don't get as much as my classmates? So what? I'm happy with my results, and if that's the results I get for that much effort, so be it. At least I can answer to myself.

There's no short cut to life...or to anything else. And life...you only get to live it once. So do the best. Students, study and play hard..cause when you go out working, your results play a very important role, and you won't get to play that hard anymore. Employees, work smart and enjoy life. Life's short. Shorter still if you're gonna end it. =X

Like I said, there's no short cut to life..nor is there a replay button. That's why I'm still here. That's why I'm doing what makes me happy. Remember this, don't give up. Just because you come across an obstacle doesn't mean you've to do a U-turn or just forget it. Come on. Take this from someone who had fucked up her life so many times. I didn't give up when I was told that I must repeat my IT year 1. I didn't give up when I was kicked out of poly. In fact, I went outside to get a diploma, to get myself prepared to go back poly to kick some ass. I didn't give up when I was told that IT rejected me and I was only eligible for engineering. I didn't give up when I failed and have to retain for another half a year. I didn't give up when out of 7 semesters, 5 of them are filled with Fs and sup papers. I chose what was given to me and I make the best out of it. Sure..there may be times where I cried, I complained and everything..but then, it comes down to this: I'M STILL HERE. I'm where I am today cause funnily as it sounds...I didn't give up. *Hey stop snickering..committing suicide didn't work out for me..LoL*

So bro..hang in there. We're here for you. Reach towards our goals. You quit, who's gonna clean the hostel when I'm in Aust? Who's gonna let me make fun of? Who's gonna let me nag? Nobody fly with me to Aust le...so must hang in there ok? We can make it de.

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