Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tiring Weekend

Yesterday damn hectic. Since Friday actually. Friday went to meet Huix for movies. Took a cab down to Suntec and we chatted till about time to go in, then watched movie (HSM3 is nice!!), went for dinner and kopi till 9+. Got home around 10pm+, and slept at 1am+. I hate having insomnia. Shucks lor. Then I made myself sleep cause Sat have to go scanning at 10am.

Sat morning woke up at 8+, washed up and since I can't eat anything, I went to CGH feeling hungry. Reached there around 9+am. Have to register and everything. Then nurse told me to drink 2 cups of water before scanning. I was like ok..drink lor since hungry, nothing else better to do also, so I drank 2 cups. Waited and then they called me. I went into the room, I lie on the bed, and then the person doing the scan for me (she looks like Felicia Chin leh, quite pretty) asked if I felt like peeing, which I told her no. She told me to go outside and drink water till I feel like peeing, else she can't take the pictures. I was quite cocked up also. Apparently my appointment is at 1040, so they should serve this guy before me. But then I was there earlier, then they serve me since the guy don't know go where le. Sigh.

Anyway went out and drank my 3rd cup of water. By then, I felt like vomitting more like peeing. Too. Much. Water. Then the nurse pulled me in. I mean literally. She said don't feel like peeing also nevermind. See can scan or not. Once again, lie on bed, arms stretched out above my head, my tummy exposed..the FC lookalike begin asking me questions. Have I done scanning before, am I pregnant, is this my first time bla bla bla. After that she applied the gel on the scanner and started pressing on my tummy. Told me to breathe in and hold my breath. When she got to the side, don't know it's because I've too much fats or whatever, she pressed very hard against my right rib cage, which hurts. And then she told the nurse that she don't know how to scan my pelvis. I was like -_-"

Another "scanner" came in..much older one. She started using me as the teaching tool and started scanning. The time taken for the older scanner to scan my pelvis and my stomach/kidneys/spleen happened to be the same time for the FC lookalike to scan just 3 parts of my stomach. -_-" She even taught the FC lookalike how to scan, tilt which angle and I kept turning my head and asking them what's that on screen. I can recognise my kidneys!! Cool lor!! And first time I saw how a uterus actually look like. And the ovaries. And whatever is inside me. Damn cool..although I can't really recognise my bladder, which they claimed is empty at that point. LoL.

After scanning, the old bird told me that everything seemed to be ok, and told me to go back for review in Dec. Me and my parents decided to go eat since I was hungry. Went down to expo and OMG lor. The number of people queueing up for the crocs sale is like siao. And I thought we are facing economy crisis? LoL. Since the food exhibition wasn't opened yet, I decided to drop by the MPH book sales next door. I bought 10 new story books and 2 new cook books!! Which is on top of the 4 books I bought last week at Popular..LoL.

Went over to the food exhibition, bought the chicken rice and it's heaven...really nice!! So much so my mom bought another 3 packets home. It's only like $2 lor. Can't really remember much of what I ate there. I was damn tired and brain wasn't functioning well. But I remembered hurrying my mom and dad home cause I've to pick Eugene up at 1+pm. We left the expo at 1230!! And the stupid jam caused me to reach home at 1250. Piangz. Bathe and was out of the house by 115pm. Sent mom to Dhoby Ghuat and headed down to Liang Court for KTV.

From 2pm - 6pm, me, Gene, Liang and Sue were like dancing, prancing and shouting in the KTV room. It's posh there. And there's even a smoking room!! NICE!! Thing is, NEVER order hot drinks there, no matter how cold it is. The cups are so small and pathetic, and it'll never last 4 hours. Mine lasted 1hr only. So I have to jump around, walk around just to keep myself warm. IT'S DAMN COLD THERE.

After KTV, decided to drive over to City Hall for dinner. Went Thai Express? Some Thai restaurant lah. Met up with Bryan. After dinner, Liang went to meet his other friends and I sent Sue to meet her colleagues at 8+pm around Clerk Quay. Feeling bored, me, Gene and Bryan went kopi. Went over to Timbre, but then full house. So I was like...hmm, why not go Villa Bali. LoL. So we drove to Villa Bali. 3 of us nia. Started to crap and chat all the way till 11+pm, till Jacky called us and told us that his movie was over. So we settled the bill, went over to Vivo, picked him up and since Bryan and Jacky didn't go KTV, they suggested going. Went over to Shenton Partyworld, but no place. It was around 12 already lor. Out of the house for 15 hours already. Then Jacky suggested going KTV pub around Boat Quay area, so we drove over. =P

Steady hor? Run so many places. Walked up and down along the Boat Quay, and I can't help but feel old. Looking around me, all the 18s - 22s. Where are all the eligible men above age of 26?! OK..except for Jacky. LoL. Decided to hang around this pub called QB, Qool Bar. So from 12+ to 3am, we were there. Played with dices, and being the driver, I only had one sip of beer. not going to drive next time. I wana get wasted too!! Anyway...Sue joined us around 2am, and chatted, and left after both Jacky and Bryan sang their songs. They were craving and dying to sing. LoL. Sent them home and by the time I reached home, it's 4am. That's like....19hours away from home. Can die lah. I'm too old for this. Slept the whole day today. Supposedly to go out shopping with my parents...but then my dad had a hangover and I was too tired, so both of us slept the whole day. Pathetic. I think I need a life. I need sleep though...*yawn*

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