Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Procrastinate Is My Middle Name

Sigh. Today is Wed liao. Just another 4 more days to my first paper. And what am I doing? Anything but study. I even changed my bedsheet and dumped it into the washing machine to wash. I bathed at 2+pm instead of the usual 9pm. I went for a long breakfast with my cousin who came over to Singapore. Even went over to her house. Tsk tsk.

I know I need to be studying. There aren't many days left and my exams (4 fucking papers) are so close to one another. I need to carry on and study. ARGH!! But I just can't help pushing it away!! Haven't been studying for the past 2 days lor!!! Cannot...need. to. study. *Slaps self* Time to mug...again.....

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