Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Halfway Done! Yeah!

Today finished my 2nd paper. Damn it lor!! I didn't have enough time to finish my conclusion for my last question!! DAMN DAMN!! 2.5 hours where got enough? Have to write 2 - 3 pages for section A (2 questions) and 2 pages for section B (2 questions) leh! Piangz..my fingers were hurting so much...*ouch* and were shaking even after the exams. LoL. Too long le..and I only managed to write 9 pages..if I had time to complete my conclusion..maybe another half page lor..stupid invigilator!!

Speaking of which..I'm down with 2 more papers and it's freedom!! YEAH!! I can't wait to party I can't wait to party I can't wait to party!!!!!!! Freedom never felt so great...just pray hard to pass today's paper..PLEASE PASS ME!!!!

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