Monday, December 1, 2008

1 Week Torture

Today starts the beginning of my torture. 1 whole week of exams starts today!! Sigh. Today's paper is in the afternoon and I'm doing some last minute studying. *Prays hard that the paper is easy* Exams as follow:

Mon 2pm - Accounts
Tue 2pm - Organizational Bahaviour
Thu 9am - Econs
Fri 9am - Statistic

Sian lor!! Heng Thurs and Fri my dad's gonna send me to school. Know why? Cause I'm not taking the exams at the Delta campus (the one where I attend class), instead our exams are held at Henderson campus. WTH!!! Anyway I go study le..thanks to those people who wished me good luck, like Andre, Ling, Gavin, Wenjie kor...thanks thanks!!