Friday, December 19, 2008

I Don't Like My Timetable

Funnily..exam results not out, but the class timetable out liao. I'm in A1 for all 3 classes (I've exemption) and therefore I'm in group A lecture. I hate it. Cause Chew, Sherona, Justin, Gavin, Shaynen etc are all in grp B!! Sianz!! Meaning we have lectures at the same time (10 - 12), but different subjects! ARGH!! Worse is the 3 musketeers (me, Chew and Sherona) are split up! I'm in A1, Chew in B2 and Sher in B3!! Faint lah!!

Sigh. Furthermore checked out my classmates names. Never seen before. Meaning I've to make friends all over again. ARGH!! Heng Cherie and Valerie are in my lecture. But then again, both Cherie and Valerie are in the same tutorial lor. I'm all alone leh!! KNN.

Well..look on the bright side though. From Jan - May, I'll be studying 3 days only, from Mon - Wed. 10am - 3:30 (latest). Meaning..I've ultra long weekend lor! Kekeke. This trimester must study hard..cause got legal studies. ARGH!! I don't want to be in A1....sob....

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