Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas To Me!

Went shopping with my parents just now and since CNY is coming, I went shopping for dresses (yes dresses..recently I'm into dresses) and bought myself some other things as well. Like..

This necklace which can be worn in many ways..for my red blouse or anything that is not black in color. LoL. I do have many black clothings...

And for the first time in my 26 years, I bought a watch for myself. All my watches were given to me by my friends or family. But then I told Sue yesterday that I'm going to buy a watch for myself this year. She asked me why. My reason is that I've no bf to buy me a watch this year, therefore I shall pamper myself this year. I mean, if I can't even pamper myself (indulging in my favourite watches), who else can I pamper? LoL. Sue claimed that I've many watches. Well..I'm gonna buy another 1 more tomorrow. Esprit? DKNY? Burberrys? We shall see..Kinda like this FCUK bling bling watch though..haha!

This pair of heels is my favourite pair yet. OK, didn't buy them today but I love wearing these heels lor!! Damn nice..yes and makes me damn tall. Keke! About 2.5inches I guess..or is it 3 inches? Aiyah who cares as long as this heels match ALL my dresses? LoL. I'm gonna have a blast!

Bought 2 tops (1 Dorothy Perkin's top, 1 silky red blouse), 1 dress, 1 necklace, 1 watch and 1 haversack. I'm in a shopping spree mood..I want a new pair of shoes and handbag and wallet and another watch!!!! Yeah!! I'm crazy liao...haha...gonna pamper myself thoroughly....

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