Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm Not Appreciated

Damn angry..angry till my sides are hurting so bad. Argh!! Now's 1am liao. I'm like so freaking tired but I'm waiting for my mom to finish bathing so I can smoke. Yes, my mom's bathing at 1am..why? Cause she was helping me prepare food for tomorrow's BBQ..cause I've NO HELP AT ALL. Huiling did ask if I needed any help, and I told her to be here at around 5pm to help carry the food to the BBQ pit. Sigh. Damn tired and damn pain at my side. Again.

Went out at 8pm just now to go buy the food for tomorrow's BBQ. Went Bedok NTUC and ALL CHICKEN WINGS ARE SOLD OUT. -_-" Bought thigh meat instead. And bought some sweet potato lah, margarine lah, mixer for vodka lah..then paid le, wanted to go home. But I didn't get to buy my chicken wings, so I insisted my parents go Sheng Shiong with me. Went there, got the prawns, sotongs, chicken wings (left 5 packets nia, and it was on sale, 2 pckts for don't know how much, so we got 4 packets) and pork. Went home at about 930pm.

Dad was nice..he paid for everything at NTUC and even carried everything. Drove me and mom to Bedok to purchase all the food. So sweet! Thanks daddy!! (This is the time when I believe I need a bf..a bf who can go grocery shopping with me instead of my old parents..who are both over half a century old)

Anyway, got back to my area and I realised I forgot to buy lemon and dad dropped me off at the first carpark and I ran (yes ran) to buy lemon and lime at the nearest MCP supermarket. By the time finish paying and everything, it started raining. And yes, I walked under the rain back to the carpark where dad dropped me..and I was a little drenched. KNS. Nvm!! Went parked at the shelter and I unloaded the car..IN THE RAIN. And between my parents and me, we each carried about 6-8KG of load each. My arms were breaking.

At home, I wanted to prepare some of the food first, so that tomorrow not so rush, since I've to send my rabbit to pet hotel and collect a log cake at Tampines and lamb chops at Frankel Ave. Sigh. I started dumping everything onto the sink and started working since 10pm. Mom was quite pissed and started nagging about which pot to use and whatever. In the end, mom was helping me as well. I cleaned the sotong (1kg!!), cut it, prepare it and store it; shell the prawns (1KG also), de-vein them and got pricked so many times my mom was starting to worry about my skin condition (I've psoriasis and mom was afraid the juice of the prawns will worsen my condition), prepared them in 2 different ways and store it; cleaned the corn, cut it (actually mom cut most of it since she has more strength), prepared it, packed it and stored it; broke every bone of the chicken wings, prepared it, packed it (my mom cleaned each and every one of those chicky wings, checking each and every one of them for feathers..thanks mom!); prepared the pork chops and got cut by the bones (my mom cleaned every one of those pork) AND prepared the marinate for the chicky thighs, prepared it and packed it (my mom cleaned, cut away the fats and cleaned some more for all the chicky thighs). We finished everything around 1230am. And I was tired. Really tired.

Went bathing, came out and started digging around the house for the things to use tomorrow. You know..if I felt appreciated, I won't mind doing all these shit. Thing is..I don't feel appreciated. I mean, I organise a gathering that everyone would be OK with..I prepared and did everything myself (with help from my parents..very grateful!), and all my friends needed to do is to appreciate it and enjoy themselves. Thing is..FUCKING TELL ME IF YOU'RE NOT COMING FOR THE BBQ!!!! Then I no need so xin ku!!! A couple of them very last minute tell me that they cannot make told me that he has to accompany gf..can't come..NEW GF...will only be able to come after 2am. FUCK YOU LAH!! FUCKING TELL ME EARLIER SO I NO NEED TO SLOG TILL MY DEATH LOR!

I'm really so bloody tired. I don't mind where my friends really appreciate. Like during Liang and Jacky's bday celebration earlier this month..both of them sent me message and it made me feel that all the rushing that day was worth it. Will update about that day some time next week...or like I went out with one of my brothers today and he gave me money to take cab home, bought drinks for me just because I accompanied him to shop for the whole afternoon. I mean..for God's sake..have a bloody sense to let me know earlier and not until I remind you about the gathering can!! Taking me for granted meh!! I'm so damn said I'm stupid and kpo, go organise the bbq for what, do so much work and run so many places. I don't know lah..damn tired now. Tml still have to clear my room, see what still needs to be bought (wire mesh, fire starter, charcoal etc) and stuff. I'm seriously tired....I go smoke liao. Angry. And tired.

PS: Merry Xmas to all! I'll be away in Msia on Xmas MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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