Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stop Posing As Him

To the poser who kept on commenting either as haha or feng. Read this. Feng won't leave comments in my blog cause he had sworn that he would not read my blog ever again...and he never did. You like to pose so much..I won't know if you're him or whatever. And if you've so many comments (boh liao ones somemore), why do you still read my blog? And if one day I begin to think that you're really Feng, I would break down again.
Don't do this to me. I had a hard time recovering and am still recovering. I'm finally sane. You continue posing as him..or maybe you ARE him..I don't wish to do the unthinkable..but let me just tell you I have a history of suicides..just ask the real Feng and he'll tell you. I cut my wrist infront of him before...try...don't make me breakdown again...I warn you the last time. DON'T WRITE ANYMORE NEGATIVE COMMENTS IN MY TAGBOX. OR ELSE..YOU BETTER WORRY IF I STOP WRITING FOR A MONTH...YOU BETTER START WORRYING....

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