Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Resolutions

Didn't realise that my last entry for 2008 was the 500th entry!! Anyway, happy new year everyone!! Time to make resolutions le..

1. Be happy
2. Study hard + smart = Get better grades
3. Lose 8KG within a year or less
4. Spend lesser money
5. Quarrel less with family
6. Spend more time with friends, family and Cinnamon
7. Try/Do something I wouldn't normally do
8. Exercise at least twice a week (for a start)
9. Eat less

PS: Congrats to my jiemei for being a father on the first day of 2009!! I'm now officially the God-ma to baby Joshua Mah!


Aaron Peng said...

eh your goals are too vague. Gotta specify them in the next post.
don't need to remind you of SMART har...

try something new... eat a new flavor of ice cream counted or not? =_=

雪语 said...

original one is in my room vague vague can le