Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reflections on 2008

I know it's kinda late and I haven't been updating during my hols. Well, school has reopened and I'm still trying to tune my body back to the studying time. This trimester's timing is pretty ok but the timetable still sucks. I study from Mon - Wed, 10 - 12pm (for lectures) and 1:30 - 2:30pm (for Marketing and Business Law) on Mon and Tues, and 1:30 - 3:30pm (Accounting) for Wed. And after the term break in Feb, my tutorial will start on 2:45pm. Damn cocked up. Don't know how to teach tuition. OK I digress le. My reflection..many things happened in 2008. I can't really say that 2008 sucks to the core, but then I'm proud to say that I learned alot.

On Relationships
Although me and Alex had broken up, I realised that I can actually change my temper. I did things that I didn't realise I could without getting angry or flaring up. Although things didn't work out in the end, it made me stronger. And now, I'm much happier. I learnt to be happier, to treat myself better and not to want things go my way all the time. I learnt to be tolerable (although still the same temper sometimes). I guess, being dumped made me learn things. When Kevin dumped me, I learn not to control everything. So with Alex, I let him be with his friends every Sun to play their Dota. When Alex dumped me, I learned to be happy, and treat myself better. He made me realise that even though the other party had promised everything, it can all change. The only person who can treat me good is myself. I learnt that everything must 随缘,有就有,没有就没有咯。Yes I pretty 看开 now. I'm happy now..although I'm still actively looking for a partner, doesn't mean I'm forcing it to happen. =)

On Studies
After the first trimester, I realised Business is not that easy to study. Not as easy as I thought it to be at least. I realised it's not like engineering, where 1 + 1 is either equals to 2 or 10. That's the most you can get. However, in business, as long as you can fight your logic, it's correct. There's no incorrect or correct answer. I'm so screwed. I also realised that I can't write essays. Fucked up. And that I sucked at memorising stuff. Therefore this year, I must make it a point to study weekly instead of cramming everything to the last minute. I know my results won't be out till end of this month, but I've a feeling that the results sucks. It's so not cool when you're the oldest in class and scores the least. -_-"

On Friendships
I've made some new friends and lost a few during 2008. I never thought someone whom I've known for 6 years can be so comforting during time of need. Thanks Alvin! Alvin, my classmate back in poly, was the only one who told me to cry after my breakup. And through my downs and his downs, we forged a stronger bond. And I've found my old friends from Secondary school (Wenjie, Huixin, Vera). Esp Huix and Wenjie. Both had been pretty supportive and was there to help me burn my holidays! Thanks for the Twilight movie Huix! LoL. And thanks for the kopi kor! And Erin..always jio-ing me out and introducing (matchmaking failed..haha!) guys (with substance she claims) to me. Wait until successful then thank her lor! Haha! And of course my 2 darlings, Sue and Gene. Sue always joining me whenever I ask her out..and Gene..for crapping with me and the things he gotten for me (always something I wanted but don't know where to get..funny why these 2 darlings know what I want more than my bf). And Huiling! For gossiping..for the time where I call her just to nag and vent my displeasures..LoL. Yes..I've a great bunch of friends. I got closer to BR gang..going for their events (again) and joining them for impromptu meet ups. LoL. Without them I wouldn't have stayed in the 4mil house at Newton. Haha! Thanks guys! Esp Nelson!! Thanks!! And finally got to meet up with Aaron in Dec! Dec 22nd..see I still remember lor! Haha!

Not forgetting Thomas my jiemei, made me a God-Ma on 1st Jan with the arrival of Joshua Mah!! My first god-child! And my 2nd one..is inside Vera. Shit. Just when I thought this year can save a little on weddings, I've to spend on full-month celebrations! ARGH!!

Of course, with each gain there must be a loss. I lost a friend (or someone I treated like one). I don't know why but she's always pretty distant whenever we talk about her relationship. Scared I'll steal her bf away? Oh please..I rejected him 2 years ago, I won't accept him now. Furthermore, because of her, the bf and I stopped chatting altogether. Things no need do until so obvious. Blind also can see you not happy with me. Insecurity maybe? I've always tried to be your friend. But since you wana do until like that, forget it. I will just acknowledge you as my ex-colleague.

On Family
Although we kept quarreling this year, but I did have a pretty fun time with my parents when we went Japan. Sharing an onsen with my mom..stripping infront of her and sharing a tub was pretty awkward. And my dad..letting me drive in Malaysia, paying for my tooth removal and such. They're great parents although they still drive me up the wall sometimes. LoL. I got closer to my cousin who married an idiotic Singaporean man. Hope she'll be happy cause her hubby really idiotic. =P

My da gu made things up with my father..so everything's pretty well. And I went back Msia to catch up with my cousins and all. I guess, my family relationship's getting better ba. We still quarrel now and then, but then it's become part and parcel of our lives. Haha!

I guess that pretty sums up my 2008. Oh yah! Money!! I'd spent around 4K+ in less than 4 months and spent around 1K+ in December alone! Shit! I need to spend lesser. What with all the hospital visits and braces and stuff..I need to save up. Heng this year my tuition all increase price. LoL. Hope to tide it over ASAP. Wanna graduate! So I hereby wish everyone a happy new year. Want what get what! Buy what win what. CNY coming..so 恭喜发财!

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