Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Been so busy lately. There's group report to hand in (by today 5pm..as in Tuesday 5pm) and we only started last week! Thankfully handed up le. I am just so tired. Bought a new washing machine and an oven (oven is mine!) last Sat. Just can't seem to psycho my parents to let me buy the wii and a camera. I so need a new camera! Which reminds me..I've yet to upload my God-son's full month pictures as well as CNY in Msia.

My psoriasis got worse this week and pimples started popping out. I'm just short of having cold sores on my lips to show that I'm low on my immune and high in stress. LoL. So far so good. Results are satisfactory (although I expected better grades for accounts and econs), group members are nice (hello sisters!! Clarisse, Carissa and Zin Zar!) and been laughing alot and smoking ALOT lesser. Just told Sherona today that I'm gonna throw away my packet of ciggies cause it'd been 1 week liao, and it's lao hong until I wana puke. Need to buy a new pack tml morn. Hmm..

Was feeling so bad towards Sherona cause I couldn't help her hand up her group report on time. She's in another class, but then this marketing report has to be handed up via Blackboard by 5pm today and I missed it by 32min. Shit. Sorry Sherona!! She asked for help at 3pm+ after my group uploaded ours into BB, and I stayed with her till around 545pm before everything was done. I helped her edit her language as well as helped her to do referencing and citation. Hoped I had done correctly for her!! *Cross fingers*

Oh yah..did I mention before that I did a good deed once and the old lady was full of praises even after like 2 months? I helped her look for her dentures, which she accidentally dropped into the chute of our block. She speaks Teochew and I tried conversing in Hokkien. LoL. And I helped carry the rubbish bin (it's heavy!!) back into the chute lor! I almost vomitted!! But she's grateful and I forgotten about this till my mom bumped into her the other day and she praised and thanked my mom. LoL. OK I need to apply medication liao. Whole body itching like hell even though I didn't eat anything that I'm allergic to. Must be the sun...LoL!

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