Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Stuff About Moi

Was tagged in Facebook by Gavin..and I wrote some stuff about myself, 25 things to be exact. So I decided to list them in here. Haha! Oh did I mention that I'm on 1 week holiday now? Dad says it's only 3 days cause technically I only study 3 days a week. =P Here goes:
1. I love kids and can't wait to be a mom

2. I have an extreme fear of injection needles, speak about needles and I'll cringe up

3. I love enjoying my life with good food, good drinks and good friends

4. Although I've a sweet tooth (poly frens say sweet teeth), I do not like to eat chocolates (only chocolate truffles)

5. I get bored easily

6. I love and crave attention, without them it's like not breathing at all

7. I love cars and driving them, and I collect car models occassionally as well (S2000!!!)

8. I love to cook and bake, and is known to cook for parents and friends

9. I'm a sensitive peron with sensitive eyes, nose, skin, ears and lips

10. I actually bear grudges so beware, coz you don't wana know what I can do to you when I hate you

11. I do not like to be taught unless I asked to be

12. I prefer noodles over rice, give me meepok anyday!

13. Loves to collect watches and well as **...haha!

14. I'm allergic to perspiration, therefore I can't stay under sun or do sports

15. I love guys who are tall, intelligent, witty and that order

16. I have a fear for ghosts, which I can sometimes see

17. I only eat Haagen Dazs..but would sometimes eat others too

18. I used to be underweight in primary school

19. I can't write Chinese and have mild difficulty reading the characters sometimes

20. I used to be a higher chinese student =P

21. I can't stand people who are lazier or stupider than me and have absolutely no tolerance for them

22. I have 2 diplomas and am getting my degree now, and that I was a poly dropout..IN YOUR FACE TP IT!

23. I'm told that I'm not a female, but a male with female genitals cause I can't stand girly stuff sometimes

24. I can ice skate but I can't blade..will fall if I blade

25. I still watch cartoons everyday =)


Anonymous said...

Where's Feng?

雪语 said...

thanks for asking but we broke up 4 months ago. =)

Feng said...

several days passed without you blogging. ankle still hurt? tk care