Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Niu Year

Been to Msia to celebrate my CNY. Was away since Saturday and was back on Thursday. Had been busy since then. And it doesn't help that there's no internet at my cousin's house. Therefore was unable to upload pics or whatever. I was so desperate to check my results that I used my phone to login to my school portal for results. And 2 results were out while I was still in Msia. I even called Eugene to double check for me. Although I passed (1 credit 1 pass lor!! KNN), I wasn't really happy with the results. Friends and even my relatives were chiding me for being so sad cause I did pass the 2 papers. Mom was however, pretty mad and nagged at me. *The horror*

Came back SG and another result came out (apparently something wrong with school..kaoz..results out one by one de). I was so happy to pass IRHR (oranisational behaviour). A few of my friends actually failed. I asked around and realised that Florence and Qin Lei scored just 1 mark more than me. And I scored a 50..just pass. *Phew* Apparently there's rumors going around that 74% of our cohort (320 students) failed IRHR. Another rumor claimed that 54% of the cohort passed. Whatever. I passed. LoL. I hoped my friends get to appeal and pass this subject cause the module fees had increased from 1K to 1.4K. Madness.

Anyway I need to sleep now cause I'm like falling sick. Will upload pictures of my god son's full month pic, CNY in Msia and in SG if I've the time. Been so busy lately it's crazy. LoL. Happy CNY all!!

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