Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Presentation!

I had my marketing2100 presentation today. Topic: how household influence consumer behaviour. So, based on my group report, I did the presentation slides during my one week break. Ya..did it alone. LoL. Cause was pretty paiseh I didn't contribute much to the report..although the part I contributed scored the highest. LoL. Anyway, I added comic to the slides and since I was doing the closing, I made the class laughed.

Ruth, our lecturer, even complimented on good job done on the slides. I felt like telling her that it was my credit! MY CREDIT! If this presentation scores great marks, it's all MY CREDIT. LoL. OK ok..thou shalt be humble. The credit goes to........ME!! Muahahha..kidding lah!

The credit goes to all my group mates who contributed the information for the report, hence enabling me to go get graphs and designed the presentation. Most importantly must thank my dad for reminding me to put the sources of the graphs and pictures! It was because of this citation that we received the compliment from Ruth. =) Thanks dad! And it was worthwhile to hear people congratulating me on a great job well done (Chui Mei, Florence, JJ, Joshua etc). Thanks! It made me really happy that I momentarily forgotten about my accounts assignment and my tiredness. Heng my student cnacelled on me today, so I was able to catch an hour's rest at home earlier on. It felt great. And tomorrow, I can finally concentrate on my accounts during break time. And Thurs I need to study Law..and Fri stay behind to do my accounts. *Pray hard*

I just need to pass my accounts. I hate accounts! Argh..anyway..to A1-2 members, GREAT JOB!! Everyone sang our praises! We outdid A1-1!! Hahaha! In my opinion that is! Ladies power! WOAH! OK..need to print notes then go sleep le..I'm so tired and arms are aching from carrying my heavy lappie (in my arms) everyday for 1hr (1hr to school lor!) to school and 20min during break. Just developed new muscles for carrying the stupid lappie. *Hugz lappie* Yeah I did well because of you! 1 presentation down, 4 more items (law and accounts quiz, marketing and accounts assignments) to go! And then it'll soon be exam time.....


Feng said...

Well done. Kudos to your good results in studies! Think you'll do v well if you cont like now. :)

John Wxh said...

well done!

Anonymous said...

yeeeesss!!! it was all because of u.. xD

good job, jie2 =)