Monday, February 23, 2009

Holidays Over..Time Not Enough!

My one week break is over. But I don't find it sufficient!! Been teaching tuition, studying (yes studying), doing the accounts (and I don't know how to do lah!!!) and my marketing presentation. I haven't even started on my marketing assignment yet lor!

This week I've marketing week marketing group presentation and legal quiz..then the week after need to hand up my accounts (help anyone? Huiling gave up too..haha!) and the week after is my marketing assignment followed by accounts quiz!! Damn lor! Damn busy..

And I sprained my ankle. It's quite normal for me actually cause I'm quite accident prone. But then it's the first time it hurts so bad. Shit. Dad say tomorrow I might not be able to walk also. SHIT!!

Heng tml no school..can study my marketing quiz..finished chp 1 nia! 5 more chapters to go!! *Crosses fingers*