Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy At IT Show 2009!

I am so happy today!! OK minus the fact that I've to teach tuition (and the kid locked herself in the toilet cause she don't want to have tuition) and that I spent $60 on Cinnamon because she has fungal infection..but hey, I'm happy because of my 收获 lor! brought Cinnamon to vet cause today they have walk-ins. Other than that, I would have to book appointment. Went down, yada yada, there's this cute guy with his doggy sitting beside me. And this cute guy's doggy was sniffing at Cinnamon's carrier. The guy looked at me and asked," What's that?" I told him it's a rabbit and think he could sense that I wasn't very happy about his doggy sniffing at Cinnamon. So he told me "My dog likes rabbit. I've one rabbit at home too. He won't frighten your rabbit." To this, I replied," Ya but my rabbit is terrified of dogs!" LoL. So the guy apologized and grab his doggy's head and kept telling him to sit still, the rabbit don't like him. Haha! Damn cute lah!
Anyway Cinnamon is down with fungal infection on ALL FOUR LEGS. -_-" Really sweat. Seeing her medication I lagi sweat cause I had a hard time coaxing her to eat her medication before. Now got 2 oral medication AND 2 external medication. Really diaoz. Spend 30min trying to wash her wounds and apply the cream on her. Sigh.

Since my birthday coming, I told my parents I want a new cam. So dad went online while mom was bathing (after I fed Cinnamon her medication) and told me to get the newest one, F200. Stated in the brochure was $559. I was like anything lor! You guys paying ma..haha! It's my birthday present from both parents! So mom suggested we go down to Harvey Norman to check it out first. Went there, the sales lady told us that ALL Harvey Norman does not carry this yet, because it's to be launched at the IT Show. Either I go IT Show to get it or I've to wait until AFTER the IT show. -_-" So we went over to Best Denki. Know what? Lagi better. The salesman say they do not carry this model because it's too new!! I have to wait a few weeks before they carry this! OMG! Mom was pissed, and we decided to go Suntec for the IT Show. LoL.
We were pretty late in reaching there, around 6+pm and decided to eat first. Eat more important than shopping. Haha! Tell you ah, the crowd there ah! IT'S TERROR!! Kaoz!

Went to Fujifilm booth and asked for the F200. Think the sales person (Ivan Wee) is damn happy lah, cause I went, I touched, I bought. LoL. While I was fiddling with the camera (on display), there was this man who kept teaching me how to use the camera. DUH. Uncle..I've been using Fujifilm cameras for 6 fucking long years. No need you to teach me lor. Say I cover my flash when I take pic lah..bla bla bla. Boh liao..when I showed him the pic I took, he said that other people might not know how to use this camera. UNCLE! I want this camera cause I want to use it one leh! Other people wana use that's their prob!! KNN. Initially the brochure says $559. But funnily they reduced the price to $499 and even threw in an extra batt for me! Yeah! Haha..but felt cheated when I redeemed my cam cause I saw a China woman getting the same cam, but has an extra 8G memory card lor. KNN. @#$%^ Nevertheless, I've a new cam! Thanks mom and dad for the early bday present!! ^_^

Next I dragged dad over to HP and succeeded in psycho-ing him to get a new desktop. My desktop (yes it's mine..I paid $3K for that PC with my own money 5 years ago!) is getting cranky. Kept rebooting. @#$$% So after much haggling and squabbling, my dad bought the HP Pavilion Elite m9390d Desktop PC. Actually haggled with the boss to cut the price to $1249 (without screen), but then dad insisted that he wants the 22" LCD monitor, so we paid $1599 in the end. Tsk tsk. Think he wana show off to his colleagues cause his colleagues all using 22" liao.
My mom all these while keep standing at the side and when we finished our purchases, mom told us to go level 6 to redeem free Gelare vouchers from Citibank (for every $400 spent, we get a free Gelare coupon for 1 scoop of ice cream). Went upstairs, we completed 21 pieces of lucky draw. -_-" Cause every $100 spent = 1 luckydraw coupon. Then we went inside level 6 exhibition hall. On the way to find Citibank, I saw Norton Antivirus and decided to buy one.

Yes, although I always say I don't care..but then it's only $80 lor! And it's for a year leh! Up to 3 PCS! Haha! The guy asked me if I wana get the seperate ones (PC, Internet and duno what) and I'll get a free 4G Toshiba thumbdrive. Told him I just bought a 8G one last week (actually is 2 - 3 wks ago) so I don't need. Got the Norton 360 Ver. 3.0 and was told to go for a lucky dip for a printer. Since I never had any luck in these..I told my mom to do it for me. And guess what!

MY MOM GOT US A PRINTER!! It's Canon Pixma MP245!! They (Norton) were left with 3 printers only and my mom got 1!! The "dippers" had to dip their hands into a box filled with many colored and only 1 white ping pong balls. My mom got luck and gotten the only white ball. The guy before us who dipped his hand THREE TIMES got nothing! And he came up to my mom (cause my mom screamed and danced around a little) and congratulate her. What a great sport..what a guy...oh did I mention that he's kinda cute? LoL. This printer is retailed at $169! And I bought the anti virus for $80 nia! Damn wu hua lor! Haha! Mom was so happy that I told dad, anyone who wana manipulate her now definitely can, cause she's too happy to think logically or auntily. Haha! And indeed I was right.

Steven of Citibank approached me to get a credit card, but I told him I'm a full time student. So he changed his target and asked my mom to get a credit card. And my mom didn't...she got 3!! *Faint* While my mom was completing the form, my dad kpo-ed and suddenly said he wana apply for one more. I asked for the Clear Platinum Sup Card and I got it! Haha! Now I get 5X the rewards when I go shopping for books! Yeah!! See I got so many stuff today! How not to be happy!! Muahahaha!!
OK time to tired lor! Had to get up early because of tuition today. Now I'm going to sleep..tml still have to feed and apply medication on Cinnamon. It's terror..she just scratched my legs red and sore. KNN. But then I still love her..haha! Ciaoz and nights!


Aaron Peng said...

I would be very happy too if i were you.

Whew... that's a whole lot of new stuff!

yipeng said...

Is that your own card? not very safe to reveal your card number man.