Monday, March 23, 2009

My Birthday List

Hmmz..just in another 4 days, I'm gonna be 27 liao. I hate this number. I wana stay at 26 forever. And I like the number 26. LoL. Mom says cause my bday is on 26th. Not necessarily so. I just like the number 6. So as usual, I'll make up the birthday list. LoL.

So happens that last year, I received 2 Mr Naughty lamps. Haha! Although the more the merrier, I don't wish to receive 2 wallets. (Sue and Chew has been asking me the same question..which wallet I like. LoL). OK here goes..

This is top on the list. LoL. I want a bf!! I am single for FIVE months le!! It's damn long lah!! Longest time I've ever been single since I started dating at age of 13!! HELP!! OK..criteriors..MUST be taller than me, have a min dip (frm one of the 5 poly no if deg holder), intelligent, witty, humorous and older than me (max + - sorry, dun like xiao didis..)..IN THAT ORDER. Definitely must be taller than me lah..recently just feel in love with 3" high shoes..need to have a tall-ER guy so I can wear those shoes. I'm 1.7m tall, which means the guys must be at least 1.76 and above? LoL.

Been aiming this wallet since 2007 Dec lor. OK..I don't mind ANY long as it's squar-ish, has a coin and photo compartment and since it's small, I would prefer a 3-fold wallet, or a long as I can put a $50 inside the wallet without folding it. I like my notes to be in one piece. ^_^ No long wallets please!! And many many card compartments. LoL. MUST have coin compartment!! Actually hor, I've a Coach wallet that's still lying in my cupboard, but I she bu de use, and am intending to use after I grad next year. LoL.

My bags!! I'll NEVER have enough of bags. Actually I want something that is like my BB (Braun Buffel) bag. Something small, but I can sling on my shoulders; yet big enough to put alot of stuff (I've tried putting umbrella, one storybook, a pack of ciggie, my wallet, 2 packs of tissues, handphone, keys, sweets, spectacle case, contact lens case + solutions, 2 sanitary pads, a hairbrush and hair clips). Any brand (like Guess or Elle) although I still like Burberrys. LoL.

Aiyah this one hor! Releasing in June lor!! So even if buy, can only get in earliest say end June or early July? But they have pre-order set and is a collector's edition!! Piangz!! Just check it out here lor. Too bad the offer is in US/Canada nia. And it's over. Shitz. Oh don't worry, I confirm can play this game cause I just bought a new PC!! And playin The Sims 2 never felt so shiok before..the game's much faster, there's no lag and the I need to carry on? LoL. I've been waiting for The Sims 3 to come out!! Argh!! June!! Three fucking long months!! *Sob*

Perfume!! I only left with roughly 3.5 bottles to use now lor! And I feel so handicapped! Usually I'll have 5 bottles to choose from..but now left 3.5 bottles nia. I need new perfumes!! Actually fell in love with one last year when I went with Chew to Vivo. Can't rem the brand nor the name. But it was sweet sweet smelling one..I like perfumes like Miracle, Issey Miyaki, Gucci know? Sweet? LoL. Flowery? But not too sweet nor flowery. ish damn ma fan. But those girls always come my house spray perfume de (Ling and Sue) should roughly know my taste..haha! I want 100ml de!! LoL.

Oh yes!! A TV and a DVD player please! So I can watch my DVDs in my room. Recently bought alot of DVDs and no time to watch cause my parents are using the only one TV we have at home. I want my own tv! My room has a TV rack but no tv. Stupid right. Sigh. 19" will do... =P

Oh..did I mention I want watches? I know I've about..3...4..5..6 watches now. But I really like the Diesel one! Been looking for it lor, but can't seem to find it. Nice right!! Now March says I can get another watch in March. Yeah!! I like big big watches..with unique faces (best is those that others duno how to read..haha!! Like my Jojo watch..or the new $15 Kevin watch I just bought! Muahahaha!). Don't think Sue will buy me watch..cause she says I've too many of them. SIX ONLY LOR!! Different occassions wear different ones ma!! *Wails*

Hmm..actually wanted to add the Time bookstore vouchers..but then I've >10 unread books in my cupboard and there's just no more space to put them in anymore. So..I've to stop my books shopping spree for now until I finish reading all. Wanted to put camera bag (I don't like my new camera's bag), but then I don't like it so much that I might go buy this week myself. Haha! Speaking of which, I need to charge my camera..using this Thursday! Yeah! Thursday gonna go have dinner at Paramount Hotel with my parents and aunt..yeah!! OK..back to my essay writing liao..gotta hand in on Tues..and then stupid accounts quiz on Wed. Sigh. 苦命啊!Kidding! OK lah!! Bye!

PS: Eugene wished me an early happy birthday on 19th. One week before my actual birthday. Being Gene, he's always the kiasu one and wana be the first. But..think Rongming got first..he don't know when's my birthday so he wished me happy birthday at beginning of March..does that count? Haha! Anyway thanks to the both of u!

On the side note: This Wed would be our 3rd year together..if we were still together. LoL. Nah..the hurt's gone. Was just reading the past entries but feel nothing anymore. Just felt sweet nia..haha! No more suan suan feeling le. But then think abit, what would we be like if we were still together? Both still unhappy? Or both happy? Or one happy the other unhappy? Whatever it's past le. I wonder if he'll sms me happy birthday.......

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