Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Present to My Mom

My mom's birthday always falls somewhere near mother's day. So as usual, we'll celebrate both for her if applicable. We NEVER celebrate mother's day. LoL. We celebrate my mom's birthday more. And since I finished my exams, I went Vivo to purchase art stuff. Supposedly to create Cherie's birthday card..but in the end decided to get stuff to create my mom's birthday present as well. Bought quite a lot of stuff..and within hand an hour..I created this:

The white stuff is actually white glue (to glue a clear plastic to the frame) and will get transparent. Hahaha..I'm waiting for it to dry, I had searched my father's printer and found a picture of the 3 of us taken last year on her birthday at Hokkaido. Decided to put that picture in after the glue dry. Not bad right? Haha...

OK i gotta go get ready. Gotta go teach tuition then buy somemore stuff for Cherie's card. I haven't start yet and have to give her tml!! SHITZ. Ciaoz!!