Saturday, April 18, 2009

$300 Honey

This is madness. Today is my first paper. Paiseh long time no update..but will try to update soon (esp regarding how I spent my birthday..a celebration over 3 days with 4 groups of diff ppl). Anyway, went Tampines One with my parents after my paper today, and we went to Yummi House. Subsequently, we came out with $300+ worth of honey.

And it's only 6 pots of honey. So average is about $50/pot. Steady right? I paid half cause those honey are for me. I'm damn broke now. Just paid $350 deposit for the student exchange program (update again another day) and paid $150 to dad for the honey. Piangz!! FYI..the student exchange program is NI LAO NIANG WO sponsor myself one ok. $1400 in total. Go where pop this amount out? Kaoz.

Err..if you think I'm crazy to buy 6 pots of honey for $300, you should have seen an old uncle buying 18 pots of honey for goodness-knows how much. Anyway I need to sleep now. Used up alot of brain cells today for Law paper. Tml gotta mug accounts and marketing liao. Haven't even touched my marketing yet. DAMN. Ciaoz.