Thursday, May 14, 2009

You Can See The Difference

Went Sim Lim Tower and Sim Lim Square with Sherona, Cherie and Huiling today. LoL. You can see who were/are the engineers and tech geeks, and who's not. 4 of us went into Sim Lim Tower cause Cherie misheard Chui Mei that there's cheap ink cartridge there. When we were inside, me and Huiling were very excited. I mean, that's the place where we spent our SIP (student internship program) during our poly days. Of course it's different time lah, me half yr later than her..but then the things they sell are so familiar to us...resistors, capacitors, batteries, DMM etc. LoL. Cherie and Sherona walked behind us and complained that they were bored. LoL.

We called Chui Mei and confirmed that Cherie misheard, so we hopped over to Sim Lim Square. Went up level 5 and started searching. And Baocai (my pri 1 classmate..YES THAT LONG) called me and asked if I was at SLS. Then he told me to find this tiny shop (AiO) that sells cheap ink cartridge. Went there and spent quite some time there. Apparently according to Cherie, the cartridge (for HP printers) is actually $3-$4 cheaper as compared to Challenger. Then I suddenly let slip that I wana upgrade my RAM for my laptop. The guy told me he can do it for me at around $40-$50, depending on the RAM I need. LoL. Really AiO (All in one). OK I need to go toilet...update another day...