Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't Dish Out Advice, I Won't Appreciate

Sorry. I don't like people advicing or nagging at me about ANYTHING. Especially when I didn't ask for it. I don't really like it when people (including my mom) who starts telling me to study, it's not easy..blah blah blah. YOU KNOW WHAT? I DON'T CARE! The more you nag or "advice", the more I'll draw away and stop doing whatever you want me to do.

I know I'm a grown up and I'm the Uni. Precisely because of the reason, stop bugging me to study!! Stop saying things like "Huh? You haven't start studying yet ah? Power la you!" or "There's really alot of things to do/study leh! You better start studying now." I don't teach you what to do for your study, so don't teach me. I have my own way..LEAVE ME ALONE!!

I complained about this to Huiling before. And she told me that maybe those people (whoever they might be) don't really understand me like my polymates do. Well..maybe ba. Cause my polymates have tasted it before. Especially Eugene..cause he told me to do the software programming of our MCT project. I told him I cannot..he kept bugging me to go find out. In the end I told him I don't want to do anymore, I will forfeit my marks and repeat. I WILL DO THAT DE. I'm THAT stubborn.

It's damn irritating lah!! You scared you go study yourself lah! Why bug me to study? I like to do things MY way!! I never ask you to learn smoking or go drinking or swear right? THEN DON'T BUG ME TO DO THINGS YOUR WAY!! Damn pissed off lah!! Just kena 2 people telling me the same thing today. FYI...I study textbook! Just because you can't do it and you're stressed about it doesn't mean I am. I can't take stress, so let me handle it my way.

Come to worse I quit lor!! 13K nia..I can go back work de. Don't piss me off till that lor. Else will really quarrel de. 我生气起来不好看,don't test my limit......