Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Time for Relationship

I duno if I'm being chased or what. But I did get some hints from some guy friends. But I really no time!! I'm studying Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri...teaching tuition on Tues, Wed, Thu, Fri..the only free time I have is on Sat and Sun..where I either go out with my parents shopping or nuaing at home just playing my game (The Sims 3!!). Sometimes I'll kopi with E009 peeps (usually Sue..sometimes add in Gene or Jack or Liang). Once in a while I'll meet up with Erin to kopi with her too. So there goes my weekend nights. As for day...I'll watch cartoon and drama serials and play games...I just wana relax!!

Although I admit that I DO want to get attached, but maybe not now. I don't even have the time to do homework (with all the game playing) and there's still many assignments and projects coming up. Where got time. Furthermore, I know that my Mr Right is somewhere out there..haven't appear yet. I'm saving my time for him...


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