Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stupid Ah Longs Got The Wrong House

I came home after buying dinner with my parents. The first sight that greeted me as we stepped out of the lift were the words 'O $ P $ #10-1462'

I was like...wah, next door neighbour owe ah long money. But when we arrived at our door...

we realised the stupid ah long had poured paint over my dad's room window. -_-"

Wrong house la!! I went to touch the paint and it was still wet. Should be done between 6pm - 7pm (cause I left house at 550pm to dentist). Dad says sometimes they do it on purpose to make us pressurise the neighbour. And that they might even lock me in. HENG AH I WENT OUT!! Faint leh!! It was so embarrassing!! Those neighbours that we hardly know de thought it's our family that owe ah long lor! The ah long even wrong on the wall next to the paint it's #10-1462!! EHLLO!! See properly la!!

Dad was thinking of removing the paint when it's dry, but decided to get rid of it before it dries. When they stepped out of the house, the next door neighbour came over to look. Mom asked if he borrowed money, and he said no. So he called the number on's actually the ah long's number. -_-"

The ah long says someone by the name of Tan Eng Huat borrowed money. My neighbour's surname is Phoon. Double -_-" !!! Who borrow money you also don't know? Then you anyhow write on the wall, anyhow buy red paint and pour? The red paint freaked out some of my neighbours who thought it was blood. From my dad's room, it really look like blood.......

Eh please ah longs..please get the facts right. Make ppl ma fan..then you create trouble for yourself..have to come all the way here to create the mess which WE, the innocent ones, have to clear. Dotz. Damn angry with them, yet amused. Sheesh.

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