Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Really -_-" Actions/Speeches

"Shit I dropped my watch!!"
*Picks up watch and literally throw on the table*

- Me -(I've habit of throwing..as in really throwing watches on table)

"Piangz! Why your camera black black one!!"
*Realises he's covering the lens after being told*

- Chew -

"You want to drink kopi peng ah? Hot or cold?"
*After being suaned by me saying I want hot kopi peng...*
"Sherona, you want drink ice lemon tea right? Hot of cold?"

- Han Yang -

"Eh! My maid forgot to switch off the fire!"
*After being reprimended by me, she changed the sentence to...*
"OK...turn off the fire."

- Shi Qin -(my student)

*When ask what 大 (big) is in Hokkien, she replied..*
*When told 大 is Chinese, she hastily replied*

- Chui Mei -

"I wana go see the shi fu. I wana ask about my love life and career life. I mean, I don't want to be successful and living in the most expensive penthouse and yet alone. Don't like the feeling of coming back home and sitting on the long couch staring at the pillows. Such a sad feeling."
- E -
"When you're that rich, you won't be alone. You'll have parties after parties at your wonderful penthouse. And you won't be single. Who knows you'll wake up to 2 babes resting on your arms the next morning."
- Me -
"Oh yah huh! Then I'll just open one eye and tell them to get dress and leave..and would they mind closing the door after them when they leave?"
- E -

"When I was younger, I wrote 'My mom hops to the market', so actually your student is still quite ok."

- S -

"Girl, join this gym in Tampines la. I sponsor $100."
*After about 5 - 10min...*
"Girl, how about I accompany you to the gym at the CC every Sat? Don't go the Tampines one lah. It's only $3.50"
*Another 5 - 10min later...*
"Girl, you can jog downstairs mah..no need to go gym at all."

- My Mom -

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